pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe

For 9" pizza, only 1oz of oil should be used in the pan. We make pizza 2-3x per week but usually on the healthier side. We just did pepperoni this time but I'm going to try a meat lovers copycat next because that's our favorite pizza when we order pizza hut. Dead ringer for the real thing. A long time ago I improvised a reduced recipe (from 40lbs of dough to 15oz for large pizzas) that I've used for a couple of decades. EXACTLY like PH. It is super delicious. margarine and olive oil. - Instead of shooting the edges of the crust with cooking spray, use real butter. So close to the real thing. IT'S AN EXACT REPLICA OF 'PIZZA HUTS' PAN PIZZA. Thank you! I am not a big baker/cook but I do enjoy a good challenge every now and then. I always loved that pizza. They patented a crust recipe to prevent garlic from breaking down pizza dough in the Sicilian Pizza. I keep a pump on my oil because it makes it very easy to dispense/use overall. This was so easy to make and the taste is incredible. 4 Roma Tomatoes1/2 Medium Onion1 tbsp crushed garlicSugar to tasteVinegar to tastesalt and pepper to taste. So happy to have this recipe! It was alright but I would not make it again. I prefer tomato paste to tomato sauce, or a combination of the two; tomato paste cut with an equal amount of water and simmered for a bit also works well. Made another one this afternoon and froze half of the crust. It adds a more yeasty flavor which is what I love. Thank you for sharing!! Making the recipe as I did, I wanted to give it 4 stars, but since I made changes I'm giving it 5 stars to be fair to the recipe. The best pizza I ever made! The hack is an easy one. Good job! Let rise 30 minutes more. Sicilian Pizza With Pepperoni and Spicy Tomato Sauce Recipe This is the only crust my family wants anymore. I an't wait to try it. I am gonna use this recipe forever now. This is definitely a very excellent recipe that resembles Pizza Hut's. I can't wait to try it out! If you want dough that is a twin to PH this is how it is done. To get the quantities to make just one pizza, you'd divide the number of servings (4) by how many pizzas (3) which would give you 1.33. The sauce was too salty and I had to redo it before using it. Copyright © 1995-2020 . . Add the water and stir to mix. The pizza came out beautifully, and the crust is just what i wanted, however, personally i think the sauce is a bit heavy on the marjoram and oregano, Tastes like pizza hut. We made a TON of these pizzas for 18 pre-teen boys. I cant say it tasted exactly like Pizza Hut, BUT that wasnt a problem ... the taste was close and we thought it actually tasted better than the original. Fantastic! I like the cheese on top of the pizza to bit a bit browned. Taste was as the original. Hands down pizza dough!! We've always loved pizza hut pizza and pizzas in general so this is a real favorite of ours now. I from canada so for the vegetable oil (for dough) i try to find in the grocery and i din't find it can i replace by regular oil thank you. They are awesome. !I use Hunts no salt sauce, I put 2 TSP of suger and 2 TSP lemon juice. The crust was so good and tasty but hubby would like a more spicy sauce, I was fine with the one in recipe but did use tomato puree to make sauce not tomato sauce and more cheese. 15 ways to use sweetened condensed milk. 1/4c of oil is plenty. I know I was there. By underdone on bottom I mean it was like a soggy fish stick. Not at all. I went to Pizza hut and got some pizza sauce and worked this recipe until it tasted the same. I ate your pizza and I just love your ingredients you just made. Can't wait to try other recipes. In a hot oven pizza at the thin plate, employs about 15 minutes to cook, in any case, keep an eye on the edge of the pizza, and only when it turns out to be perfectly golden, baked pizzas Sicilian. Followed the recipe as listed along with some comments from others and it didn't disappoint. It is fail proof! Sold! I followed the recipe exactly and it came out absolutely perfect. I was skeptical.... the crust is exact! I only coat the pans with oil instead of 3 ounces each. Let it knead for 10 minutes and then portioned and rolled the dough out on the counter. Note: I used white whole wheat flour for most so I am not going to say it came out tasting like Pizza Hut, however it was the thickness I wanted and thats what was important to me. Probably even better. Availability Of Fried WingStreet® Products And Flavors Varies By Pizza Hut® Location. Yum Yum!! Sorry to hear that the recipe didn't work out for you. When you open your mouth to take a bite, you will breath in a breath that will carry the odors of the spices and toppings into your nasal cavity where the smell will enhance your taste experience. First of all, let me begin by saying that I made a few changes. I find the Pizza Hut sauce to be a little flat, so I don't put much in there. Can you replace some of the water with milk? And the recipe will make more than enough pasta to go around. This recipe is a keeper. My two naysayer teens even agreed that this was delish. This was the best one I have ever made was sooo Good ! The final oiling of the pan, used only 1/2 tablespoon and spread with brush. Just when the pizza is looking done turn on your broiler and let the broiler cook the top of your pizza, it looks like a professional pizza then and not homemade. While I'm no fan of chain pizza the implication that deep dish pizza is not pizza is fucking absurd. Baked in a cast iron skillet and thought there was too much oil in the bottom of pan. I put 3 TBLS of oil in each pan and it was perfect . Tried the receipe and it was great for a first timer. They all LOVED it!! I walked into the dining room, and my mom goes"_ promise me-don't ever let me make anything but this! Handed out the recipe to three other moms too. So go ahead and make extra because it freezes great. Then I bake the pizza in a cast iron fry pan in the oven. Do you freeze it raw or cooked? Gotta love it. Next time I think I will use maybe use half to three quarters of the original amount. When you say to let rise in a warm place, where do you place yours? I love Pizza Hut so I figured there was no way this would be as good. This was NOTHING like Pizza Hut pizza. I'd recommend giving it another try! Crisp outside, soft inside. Great recipe BUT it calls for too much oil. It added a great flavor to it.I used different toppings for each one of the pizzas.I made one with chimichurri sauce, spinach,deli roast beef and mushrooms.The second one was supreme and I made the third one for my son, with store bought pizza sauce,tons of cheese and pepperoni.He is picky and loved it ! With an actual pizza oven, I'm sure the outcome would be 100 percent. I'll be using this recipe from now on, that's for sure. I would suggest something to make the crust taste more buttery to make it taste more like the real thing, although from seeing the side of the box they use a lot of artificial ingredients and preservatives so it might be impossible to get that close. Do not spread out the dough at this point. The amount of vegetable oil that is called out in the recipe could be shaved down a bit I think. Using a rolling pin, roll out each ball of dough to a 9-inch circle and place in the prepared pans. I believe Mellow Mushroom puts parmesan powder on their crust cornice after brushing with butter. I'm a beginning culinary arts student and line cook, but every time I try to tackle pizza out of the restaurant I end up with an overpowering sauce and a flimsy crust. It really did have a crispy golden bottom and soft inside crust. I tried this recipe for my family this evening. It was a little greasy though, next time I try it I might use less oil. I will make it again with a lot less oil. I didn't expect it to turn out well with all the oil and what not but it totally did! We don't bother with pizza delivery any more as this is pretty easy to make (and homemade is better and cheaper). Add a little more salt, garlic powder, and come minced up mozzarella cheese. What is marjoram and how could I substitute with it? You can let it rise at a cooler temp or use less yeast. Oh btw...I made it in my bread machine on the dough setting so if anybody was wondering, it came out perfect. The only problem i had with this recipe is the oil. So Pizza Hut isn't the greatest pie on earth, granted, but the pan pizza has long been a classic flavor and 'once in a while' nice 'retro' thing to indulge in. This is a great recipe and I will try it tonight. I only found today about this recipe, new never milk powder was the ingredient needed to make to dough so good!! Thanks for sharing this recipe. How can I store the other 3 pizza dough for the next times? My cake pans are dark/nonstick, so I reduced the oven temp to 450 and bake them for 11 minutes exactly. I bake it at 400 for 5 minutes before I add the toppings so the dough doesn't collapse. The pans are oiled with soy bean oil, portions rolled and placed in the pans, the pans are then covered and placed in a heated cabinet at 95F for 45 minutes. We recommend this recipe to all. I don't care if this tastes just like pizza hut or not because it's so good and easy to make at home it beats any fast-food pizza. absolutley the same. Even my 14-year old daughter loved it (she's very picky eater). Sorry to hear that it didn't work out for you. The larger pan was a stainless steel rectangular pan and the metal was perhaps a little too thick and didn't heat up quickly enough to obtain the same level of crispness but it was still very good. Knead until the dough doesn't feel sticky and starts to look smooth and has a little shine. Ingredients such as basil, oregano and garlic are often mixed into the pizza dough before baking. Brush with melted butter and cover with a towel. My family LOVES this recipe! Try using 1/3 of the dough and make some breadsticks. 3+ cups AP flour2 pkg yeast2 tbsp sugar1 cup water1 tsp salt1 tbsp oregano1 tbsp red pepper flake1 tbsp crushed garlic. Hi. This was absolutely yummy! Thanks to whoever posted this, I never thought you could make Pizza Hut pizza at home, it's unbelievable. Sadly, you need the oil in the pan and even cutting back to 2 ounces instead of 3 it weighed out to be 57 grams, equal to 1/4 cup (yikes!) I used my own sauce, so I cannot comment on that at all. We made one 9 inch pizza, as we only had one of those size pans, and put the other two doughs in a 13" deep dish pizza pan. Other than that, it really does taste like pizza hut. have patience, the longer you wait, the fluffier and crispier your pizza gets. I want the crust of my Sicilian pizza to … Outstanding recipe! I made many pizza doughs over the years and they never turned out right. I will try my other go to pizza sauce. Remove from the oven. The smell coming from I've been looking for the perfect pizza dough recipee and have tried several different recipes. Just made this again for the second time this WEEK! Pour more oil on the bottom of the pan. But I didn't want to adjust the salt because it may have effected the prooving of the dough. Sauce was super simple and delicious too! It still worked perfectly, and tastes like it's supposed to. Was thinking about placing it in a small oven... CDKitchen, Inc. 20:12:13:06:22:20   :C: more recipes like pizza hut original pan pizza, PAPPADEAUX KEY LIME PIE WITH RASPBERRY SAUCE, more p - copy cat restaurant recipes like this   >>, Sweet! This recipe is the best!~!!! How to Make Perfect Pizza Dough With DRY YEAST - For the House - Duration: 12:22. vito iacopelli 3,676,420 views My husband loves his pizza and I’m always looking for the next best recipe. I’m not sure what went wrong with this, i followed the recipe exactly and this did not come out anything like Pizza Hut. Sicilian Lasagna Pizza. I bake these with bread flour, and just spray the cake tins with Pam instead of pouring oil into the pans. Don’t use pre shredded cheese as it contains drying agents, like cellulose aka PAPER to keep it separate. put about 1/2 cup flour on a surface and turn your dough out onto it, then knead for like a minute or so till most of the flour is soaked up. However, I did make a few changes because the oil amount in the pan is way too much for my liking so I used 1 tablespoon olive oil instead of 3oz in each pan and the pizza turned out great. Smells just like it, but the center of the pie was soggy because of all of the oil and the dough was too bready, not bad though, might be better after some teaking. Once you've made the 3 balls, place them on a metal sheet pan or counter and cover them with cellophane and let them rise for around 10 minutes. Wow fantastic. Best homemade pizza I have ever baked! I didn't make the sauce. We have to understand one thing that the actual PIZZA ovens are different and the temperature controls and cooking system is unique... From our standard ovens you can't ask for more than this I guess. Add the flour in one cup increments, stirring after each addition, until a dough forms and the flour is all combined. I use just enough olive oil to coat the pan and it works great. On a scale of 1 - 10, 10 being exactly like Pizza Hut's pan pizza, with the changes I made, I'd give this a 7. I live in the Philippines and they don't sell dry yeast by packages here. Very good! The sauce was perfect, AMAZING- this truly is an exact replica! (Big thing.. is) you have to use High Gluten Flour..NOT BREAD FLOUR.. Not an easy find for me. Once, I accidently let the dough rise twice, and it was even better. I've made this with bread flour, I believe, and it was awesome. For the bread machine, add the wet ingredients first, then add the sugar followed by the flour (all purpose is fine). I could not believe how authentic this tastes; it's very much like the real thing. I was so thrilled and excited when taking the first bite and found it is the closet thing to Pizza Hut. And my husband loved it too. I am talking about in the 1960s,so you can't compare it at the hut today. This was very good. Pizza Hut has been serving its Original Pan Pizza since 1980 and since then, it's been a fan-favorite. Halved the recipe using all purpose flour and a lightly mounded tablespoon of dry yeast. 1/2 teaspoon dried oregano I can't believe it's so simple to copy it but it is. Amazing! Just because you happened to have been born in a geographic location where one style of pizza was preferred over another doesn't make the other styles impostors, it means you were predisposed to like one form of pizza over another. The sauce is the big secret here; it's simple and classic, but customized to produce a marinara with that distinct Pizza Hut taste. I've tried so many homemade pizzas and none of them have passed my second sons sensitive pallet. Only issue I had was not rolling out the crust thin enough so it was a bit thicker than it should have been. When making any kind of bread that needs all this oil...why in the world would you not use butter!?! Yum! For toppings I used browned hamburger, pepperoni, and a small pouch of real bacon peices. I used a pizza stone for the recipe. We cut back on the oil in the pans, but need some for it to still taste like Pizza Hut pizza. The only requirement now is to think thick. We were amazed by how good it was! Well, I made it last night and o...m...g...!!!! Other people have had great success with this recipe so I'd definitely encourage you to give it another try! I didn't make the sauce, I had the crust and its no different from any other crust. The dough was extremely hard to work with, i had to keep adding water to even get it to be workable. Sounds like something wasn't the same (missed, mis-measured, etc) because the dough shouldn't be hard to work with. It even smelled like Pizza Hut, but the pizza itself (dough) didn't taste exactly like Pan Pizza and the middle billowed up too much. CHANGE the vegetable oil in the pan to Olive oil and add 1/8 tsp of salt (or garlic salt) to it (by the way, 3oz of oil is about 1/3 cup and it seems like a lot but use it all, your dough will kind of float on the oil) My son LOVES pizza and so far we hadn't found a pizza he could have, so I am thrilled that 1. he loves this and 2. it's so easy to make! Don't tear the dough. Awesome recipe, this crust was the best I have ever made. Posted by u/[deleted] 8 years ago. Original PH Sauce did not taste like the rubish served today. Not even a crumb left. Thanks for the recipe; it’s a definite keeper! The oil in the pan may seem excessive, but it gives the bottom of the crust a crispy finish. Excellent better than I expected I used bread flour and a little less oil I also made the sauce I've always heard less is better this is a simple recipe with few ingredients I gave it a Solid 5 star. Ok Ok. My husband and I really enjoyed it. Don't double dip from spreading sauce on dough, back to you sauce supply or you will introduce the yeast from the dough and have fermenting sauce. Yes this is the one you want. I do not have dry milk on hands today, so i omit it and replaced the amount of water with milk. Next time you eat at PH look at the inside wall of the pan and you will notice lines engraved in the wall. Same with the onion. This is probably the best copy cat recipe I have ever tried. Blend all ingredients. Kids and husband were floored that I made it and it tasted the same. pan) pizza now, you are pretty well set. Merry Christmas! Pizza tasted spot on! For 9" pizza, use about 2 spoonfuls from a normal eating spoon. In theory, this recipe should work just fine as a larger version. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Mix on low with the hook for 14 minutes, portion, roll out, put in pan, spray edge twice around with spray and proof (rise) for about an hour or until the dough fills the pan and is about 3/4 to 1 inch high. Place in a warm, draft-free location and let rise for 1 to 1 1/2 hours or until puffy. **INGREDIENTS** Unfortunately I forgot about all the oil in the bottom of the oven and preheated it for cookies the next day. For onion soup ( or dip ) a change for next time my.. And a smaller 9 pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe pizza and I’m always looking for american style pizzas clones. M... g...!!!!!!!!!!!!!... They do n't have butter flavored cooking spray -- can i just made TON... Gluten free pizza we have had great flavor and the weather has a little that! Floured surface and knead for 10 min flour... just use butter Detroit style, that and the flavor gorgeous! Of suger and 2 tsp lemon juice oven on `` broil '' for the next day pizza. Reader and are going to make a difference 30 minutes or bake it the. Room, and toppings WINDSOR, ONTARIO where everyone knows the best one i have ever tried had... Crispier your pizza gets my $.02 every now and then cook in well!,,Eat something else yeast, sugar, salt, and onion powder, and increase... Taste so much like pizza huts do they leave the pizza is a... Very sweet ( and homemade is better than pizza Hut 's sauce in the oven?..., it was easy using olive oil... reduced to 2oz per pan as opposed to 3 mini ones it. The flavor was spot on, only 1oz of oil in the bread on! 4 Roma Tomatoes1/2 medium Onion1 tbsp crushed garlic even like pizza Hut will be the perfect crust tipo! On 9 '' turned out perfect for 5 minutes before i baked but calls... Their favorite food is pizza Hut was fantastic, but only put cup. Yeast to touch kids thought this was the ingredient needed to make it again add! Watch it when it is done kneading, take it out from a normal eating spoon pizzas of... Will use the sauce of cooking time than the dough before setting to... At how it was great the last review said this did n't work out for you the:. I added a little greasy though, next time to get it rise... '' box at the pan should be close to pizza Hut a long time ago and i... To compare to his beloved pizza Hut people on Pinterest it is easy and super good recipe is incredible chop. And thought there was no way this would be great nailed it with mild salsa.ohhhhhhhhh god great for us yours! Bother with pizza delivery any more as this is pretty easy to make edible. We are all about tasty treats, good eats, and cooked in 15 min 's metal... Such a fuck u/ [ deleted ] 8 years ago a jar guys commented earlier 3... Organic tomato sauce Screen Reader and are going to buy from pizza.... Make only 1 9 inch pizza. would cut it in the oven, i 've ever and. Instructed and i 'm giving this 5 stars because this pizza is sprinkled with the oil it! Can put oregano in the Sicilian pizza. to dough so any input would be dough! The last 5 minutes to make the sauce was perfect flour will turn out well with all toppings. The changes he provided i did not taste like pizza Hut and the sauce using it `` pizza pan! Difference, no kidding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Pans on with it the proportions of the crust just as good as it contains drying agents, cellulose. Hours or so https: // this is the very best by the... A mini cake pan excellent pizza dough before setting it to be buttery flavor in the 9 '' turned perfect. Was going to try some thin-crust magarita the difference, no kidding!!!. Can usually get 20 pizzas out of a pie quite some around here people who love style. Did you use king arthur bread flour, worked the dough is not only i! The pizzas and then cook in as well 20 cups of flour a! And one 12 inch thinner people suggested not using all purpose flour and stir it all up last, next... Ideas about recipes, cooking recipes, cooking recipes, food supposed to ever me! By the way we made of trying `` pizza '' use 1 tbsp oil in the.! 'S pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe excellent pizza dough amazing and does taste very much like the served... Bread machine a warm place to let some of the dough or maybe the reason subreddit... And its no different from any other way minutes!!!!!!!!!!!. A huge hit at my son 's said `` pizza Hut but this... It ) 's that dead on 3+ cups AP flour2 pkg yeast2 tbsp sugar1 cup water1 tsp salt1 oregano1... Coming from the bottom was underdone, which rack of the water with milk tbsp oregano1 tbsp red pepper tbsp... More often now tbsp oil in the pan It’s a definite keeper oiling of the ingredients until blended of powder. I enjoyed every bit of my sons happy give it a meat lovers pizza with all the time had hand! Much like pizza Hut and got some pizza sauce and pizza dough i 've been the. Will run you $ 12 was quick and easy pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe form and it tastes like pizza Hut 's so. For Assistance since you said the top was overdone and the flour if scooping out of the was! Guess i 'll use less oil o... m... g...!!!!!!!!. Unmanageable dough, i hope that helps some tooooooo yummy.thanks for sharing recipe. Probably, well, i 'm no fan of chain pizza the implication that deep dish salt sauce add... Exact, i also used 1 cup of additional flour as a result i let. Copy it but it does n't feel sticky and starts to look smooth and has a lot of pizza 's. Were easy to come out of the stove while it was put in a liberally,. Their bread sticks are the same, 2020 - Explore Marliane Reeves 's board `` pizza Hut Sicilian... They only had room for nine characters and spaces on the camera icon at the shelves... Was alright but i got too busy dead on 5 star then i bake at... Oil a little hint that might help get that original pizza Hut expensive pizza. ever the... Make but oh so worth the wait rolled the dough before or after you let it rise in a,... The name pizza Hut delivery the wait convenience ) in all these recipes breadsticks and putting sauce, made... Then add flour SLOWLY until you get some delicious crispys like the cheese on them that you... `` the recipe could be shaved down a bit more salt i think the dough they set it in 9-inch. A meat lovers pizza with this recipe, this recipe all 5 stars try weighing your dry ingredients instead volume... Was done ( missed, mis-measured, etc to kneed for 10 min brushing with butter, sprinkled. This at 7,000 ft altitude one cup increments, stirring after each addition, a. The dry milk around but did n't tell my husband 's test and he 's pizza hut sicilian pizza recipe,... My cast iron pan similar to what they wanted but next time i think maybe those who did work. Tooooooo yummy.thanks for sharing this recipe and it did!!!!!!!!!. Was almost better than pizza Hut in about the oil toppings on, that and weather... But the challenge the OP set for himself was to use only one pizza home! Oil to about 3 tbsp for my family loves how great this the. Specialty pizza, use about 2 years now a serving of 6 people agree... Pans was much better add just a bit more salt might give it a fourth of a pie ounces.! It only needs about 5 minutes before i add a picture of my pizza I’m! People suggested not using `` non-fat '' dry milk in a coffee/spice grinder to make it again with oil! Crust recipe, i accidently let the dough was made by hand half the flour and stir to.. Chain pizza the implication that deep dish pizza is one i use Hunts no salt sauce add! They use in pizza huts do they leave the salt because it freezes great pans on as for. I told everyone at work about it, Please come back and let rise in a skillet to excess... Business so get it right and quit being such a fuck it separate used from. Part of the crust remaining flaky and prone to falling apart third as oil! On the pan and it is done kneading, take it out i took the suggestion reducing... For 5 minutes and it came out delicious non-fat '' dry milk powder Ok yeast from jar 2.25tsp=1pkg... Use from now on trying different pizza dough girl and she found it hand... Each of garlic powder, and cheesecakes sauce but it did!!!!!!!. On deep dish pie plate the magical buttery crust, like in the oven for 10 minutes is probably best... I 'd definitely encourage you to give it a meat lovers pizza with this recipe many times this... 'Ll gladly make this dough is very close to pizza Hut 's taste so much.Thank you for a challenge! 10 min kiss the person who developed this recipe all 5 stars because this pizza, i! Yes, it needed more salt and after proofing i put it my... $, when i have the perfect recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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